The New York

Susannah Meadows
16 Dec 2010

'For real calamity, Richard Horne is your man. In his hands the means to the End become wonders to behold ... a technicolor parade of visual metaphors.'
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The LA Times
Nick Ochwar
02 Jan 2011

  'Horne gives us an Armageddon that's vivid and flashy with hip characterizations and humor that's the equivalent of the comic relief in a Shakespearean tragedy.'
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The New Yorker
Jenny Hendrix
17 Dec 2010
  'His compendium is colorfully illustrated and quite exhaustive.'
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The Washington Post Stephen Lowman
14 Jan 2011
  3 books about the apocalypse
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New York Post
Richard Horne
2 Jan 2011
  It's the End of the World as we Know it. A is for Armageddon article
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Rod Lott
17 Dec 2010
  'This is perhaps the best-looking book that will give you clinical depression.'
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The Independent
on Sunday

Lisa Markwell
30 Aug 2009
  An early contender for the perfect anti-Christmas present.This cheery tome catalogues in wittily illustrated and scarily accurate detail the different ways in which we’re all going to die. Buy now.'
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Maria Popova
29 Dec 2010
  'Edifying and entertaining, A is for Armageddon came out just after our selection of the best books of 2010, but would’ve absolutely made our list.'
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Jason Schwartz
23 Dec 2010

'A is for Armageddon is not only a fun book, but might also be crucial reading in the future ... This book is definitely worth a read.'
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Michelle Castillo
23 Dec 2010
  'In honor of the book A is for Armageddon we're counting down the top technological disasters that we feared were going to happen.'
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The Times
02 Sep 2009


  'A is for Armageddon ... turns his wry eye on the various ways in which our planet may meet its doom'
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